We’re looking for writers!



Signature26 is looking for quality freelance (unpaid for now) writers who are interested in developing their portfolios or joining forces in the blog world.

Our goal is to produce interesting and positive content written from women all over the country. We have a pretty nice following so far but we’re looking to expand– but we can’t do it alone.

We are looking for people to cover news, inspiring stories, relationship topics (dating advice, date gone wrong, sex topics), health + fitness, fashion + beauty, entertainment updates, things that you want to read about, etc.


-Educational background or job experience in one of the following: journalism, blogging, creative writing, or communications

-Must have exceptional writing skills

-Commitment—short term or long term, we’d like to know

We are very interested in hearing a wide range of voices from many different writers— we will consider any feature idea proposed. If you own a blog we’d be more than happy to mention it in the articles you submit.

Submissions are expected to include a writing sample.

E-mail Ally at:



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